Investment Packages

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Safe Box

Low Risk Investment

Many people prefer to invest their money somewhere in order not to profit and grow money, but for safety and saving money. Not risk-taking and ensuring the principle of money is more important than high returns for these people. So, they are looking for opportunities that can safely invest in it and also use the benefits of investing.

Given the many opportunities for investment in Georgia, there are many opportunities for this model of investment. Investors can invest in real estate and transportation funds to use this Low Risk Investment package.

Who is this package for?


Those who emphasis on risk more than returns

Those who want to be part of their investment in a low-risk option

Those who invest a significant portion of their assets


Features of this type of investment

Possibly (but not necessarily) expecting less efficiency

Its rate is at around 10 % annually

This investment is safe from stock fluctuations

Cash Box

Monthly Income Generator

Some people tend to invest in a type of investment that can benefit from it on a monthly basis or at short intervals. An example of this model is the purchase of a house and rent it. But in this example, there are a lot of important things that will not give everyone the opportunity to make such an investment. To buy a home and rent it, a high initial capital is required that all people may not be able to provide it. On the other hand, where the house is located, finding the best rental model (daily, yearly …), how to find a tenant, are those that require knowledge and experience and all people may not be able to analyze these issues. Therefore, by purchasing this investment package, in addition to low-capital investment, it can be ensured that the best program will run to earn more money.

Who is this package for?


Those who want to get a monthly income

Retirees and seniors

Those who want to experience small-scale investment


Features of this type of investment

Possibility to receive a full cash or a certain percentage of monthly profit

Possibility to specify the type of investment from the point of view of risk

The possibility of combining low-risk and high-risk types of investment


High Revenue Investment

Some adventurous people have high-risk appetite and are keen on investing in high-risk situations. They are looking for huge profits and high rates in this investment. The available investment opportunities do not satisfy them and seek out special opportunities for profit. Because there are often opportunities for existing investment, low or medium risk, and low or moderate returns. Adventure packages is a very attractive investment package for such people because the Geo Fund, always seek the premium investment opportunities and startups that are capable of sustainable growth.

Piggy Bank

Fixed Saving Investment

Not everyone has the ability to invest in high-volume. On the other hand, many people receive a monthly salary. Therefore, it’s a way to capitalize on their monthly income, even if small, and many of the investment opportunities will be available for them.

Therefore, by choosing this investment package, each month, you can allocate a specific amount to investment. Actually, this investment model is a kind of piggy box that a person can save on small amounts and, in addition to that after a while, the amount of savings is important, it also benefits from the advantages of investing.

Who is this package for?


Those who have the potential or the intention to invest a small portion of their income

Those who want to build their children’s future, even with a small amount

Those who want to experience small-scale investment


Features of this type of investment

Possibility to add to the amount of investment periodically

This small amount can even start from 10 $


Short Term Investment

There are many people who may get some money in short periods of time. Or sometimes in economic planning, time gaps are created and in that time, usage of money is not possible. This package is the best solution for using money at this time and it gives the owner of the money, in addition to his or her main economic activity, the profit of investment in periods the money is idle.

Any amount at any time can be invested.

Who is this package for?


Those who don’t want their money to remain idle even in the short run

Business owners who have idle money in uncertain periods

Traders, merchants and Stock market traders that looking forward to trading opportunities


Features of this type of investment

No time limit for profit

Possibility to take out an amount without affecting the profit

The ability to transfer (receive and pay) fast and easy

This investment is safe from stock fluctuations