Mission & Values


Our mission is Managing different kinds of Assets on behalf of personal/legal investors as a Private Equity Firm.

So we try to:

  • Generate the best investment returns
  • Create the confidence and loyalty of our investors
  • Attract, growth and retain professionals
  • Become the leader of Asset Management in Georgia

What we are trying to do is managing assets as good as possible.


Geo Fund has its values that will be maintained during the operation process of Geo Fund and they are:

Proficiency: trying to achieve the best return rate for investment.

Diversity: working in different and diverse industries with different risk and return

Trustworthiness/Credibility: Take personal responsibility and deliver on commitments

Integrity/Unity: Perform the entire investment process and consider all aspects for managing assets best

Stakeholders: investors as the limited partners are the main part of Geo Fund. So we try to do our best for our investors

Added Value: Adding value by an idea, plan, design, marketing, recovering or changing investment opportunities


Our vision is to reach 1 Billion assets under management in Georgia, during 5 years.