Investment Programs


Residence By Investment

One of the main reasons for investing in foreign countries is obtaining a residence permit or citizenship of that country. Because many countries have defined investment incentives for foreigners through which they can attract a lot of capital to develop their country. Georgia has also gone to develop one of its main instruments – investment incentives. In the law of Georgia, it is mentioned that if foreigners invested at least 300,000 GEL in the country, they can obtain a permanent residence permit in the country. Of course, this amount should be invested directly in the direction of production and economic activity. For example, buying property alone does not mean investing. On the other hand, this investment should lead to the production of value added and economic returns, so the duration of this investment should be such that the government of Georgia benefits from it.

One of the proposed investment packages of Geo Fund is “resident” that foreigners can invest at least $ 150,000 and purchases shares of Geo Fund, and obtain a permanent residence permit in Georgia, and after five years they can apply for Georgian passport and citizenship of Georgia. In this package, the minimum investment period is 5 years

Who is this package for?


Those who want to obtain the permanent residence of Georgia

Those who want to participate in the development of Georgia


Features of this type of investment

At least amount of investment: 150000 $

Duration of investment: 5 years

Expected rate: 20% annually

This investment is safe from stock fluctuations because of its long duration