Corporate Overview

GEO FUND is a Private Equity Firm, established in Georgia in March 2018. The company operates under the Umbrella organization Geo Holding.

Geo Fund as a FOF (Fund of Funds), by creating portfolios of funds, provides the opportunity for investment in Georgia.


Georgia is one of the best options for investment due to its geographical location and free trade rules, as well as its high transparency in financial interactions.


With the expertise and knowledge in the field of investment and professional relationships, Geo Fund’s team has created a secure and diverse portfolio of investment opportunities for investors.

Investors are highly secured and insured by the Geo Fund because it guarantees at any time the worth of its Real Assets is equal to invested capital.

Geo Fund dedicates at least 80% of assets to the Real Estate investment plans. Other 20% of the investment goes to the industries with high risk and high return.


Geo Fund’s values are Proficiency, Diversity, Trustworthiness, Credibility, Integrity and Unity.



The main activity of Geo Fund is managing the capital and different kinds of assets on behalf of personal/ institutional investors as a Private Equity Firm. Therefore, the main pioneers of Geo Fund are investors.

At Geo Fund, we are striving to become a professional reference for your investment with a steady and growing trend. We want to create long-term benefits for you with the priority of maintaining your capital.

What we are trying to do is managing your assets as good as possible.