How We Create Value


Asset-Backed Investment – Dedicating at least %80 of assets to the Real Estate investment plans.

Diversity – Using the widest range of securities from privileged shares to corporate bonds

Market Owning – Creating & managing an international professional exchange market for issued securities

Portfolio Investment – Making a smart & agile portfolio of properties based on Industry, Stage, Location, etc.

Activation – Attracting, Defining, Creating & Managing a Business on any type of asset.

Commercialization – Hunting new ideas and transfer them to a real profitable business by smart investment

Value Investing – Adding value by an idea, plan, design, marketing, recovering or changing investment opportunities

Acquisition – Buying out businesses with high potential of growth or success

Residence Incentives – Attracting small-scale investors by “Residence by Investment” programs

Corporate Investors – Companies, Banks, Funds, Pension Funds, …

One Window Service – Official & Legal Documentation, Financials, Trade, Monitoring, Audit, …

Human Capital – investing in recruitment, training & maintaining professional real estate experts

Advisory – to be an expert advisor toward the customers, rather than being a seller

CRM – to create & maintain a strong relationship with existing & potential customers

Information – to be a smart & fresh reference for Private Equity Investment in Georgia

Process – orienting on best procedures to decrease time, assure quality and increase customer satisfaction

Project Management – using Project-based structure to increase responsibility and accountability

Business Model

 Asset Management Fee

Annual Dividend

Securities Exchange Income

Commercial Ads on website & social media

Professional Events; exhibitions & competitions

Training & Certification