Nenskra Hydropower Plant construction in Svaneti

Nenskra Hydropower Plant construction in Svaneti

On the tributary of Enguri River in Svaneti a construction on Nenska Hydropower Plant has launched, JSC Partnership Fund and Korean K-Water company will be constructing the Plant together.

“The Nenskra project itself is somewhat unique for Georgia and represents a huge source of experience and expertise. On top of the benefits that the project will bring to our country, it is a very interesting project as along with K-Water the project is supported by a stellar team of financial institutions represented in Georgia. So, the cooperation with K-Water has been vast experience for us.” Said Natia Turnava, Deputy Dricetor of SJC Partnership Fund

K-Water is Korean company responsible for 60% of water supply in Korea and hold lmost 20 billion USD funds. The representative of K-Water and the Fund met in 2013 and have been working on the development of the Plant since then

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