Tax Rates In Georgia

Georgia offers one of the lowest tax rates around the globe and displays complete transparency in tax system. There are only 6 taxes in the country. Georgia’s Revenue Service provides one tax code that unifies taxes and custom legislations, making it easier for investors to get to know about taxation in Georgia. Georgia has only 6 taxes, which are Corporate Profit Tax (15%), Personal Income Tax (20%) VAT (18$) Import Tax (0%, 5% or 12%) Excise Tax (Varies from selected goods) Property Tax (up to 1%). Other than that Georgia offers business makers industrial free zones in three locations, in Tbilisi (TFZ), in Poti and (Poti FIZ) and two in Kutaisi (Kutaisi FIZ and Hualing FIZ). moreover, in July 2018, prime minister of Georgia has declared the unique tax regime for small businesses, that cuts their turnover taxes five times (1%).